Here you'll find a listing of all of the updates that are related to repairing, rehabilitating and restoring a Corvette chassis posted here on The Corvette Restoration Page. Each update is listed in sequential order. Alternately, a listing of all of the updates posted here on the Corvette Restoration Page can be found by clicking the "Restoration" drop down menu above. 

October 2, 2005:  Chassis disassembly and sandblasting

October 16, 2005:  Frame sandblasting and cleaning

October 23, 2005:  Frame repair, strengthening, and painting

November 13, 2005:  Chassis cleaning and painting

November 27, 2005:  Chassis painting and reassembly

December 4, 2005:  Front suspension and steering reassembly

December 18, 2005:  Steering box rebuild

January 2, 2006:  Steering box and trailing arm rebuild

January 8, 2006:  Brake and fuel line installation

January 29, 2006:  Rotor runout and brake caliper installation

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