Here you'll find a listing of all of the updates posted here on The Corvette Restoration Page that are related to rebuilding the big block motor and transmission. Each update is listed in sequential order. Alternately, a listing of all of the updates posted here on the Corvette Restoration Page can be found by clicking the "Restoration" drop down menu above.  

February 26, 2006:  Engine cleaning and degreasing

March 5, 2006:  Big block motor disassembly

March 26, 2006:  Oil pump pressure balancing

April 30, 2006:  Engine block machining and painting

May 7, 2006:  Piston ring installation

May 14, 2006:  Freeze plug and oil gallery installation

May 21, 2006:  Crankshaft and piston installation

June 4, 2006:  Oil pump and camshaft installation

June 25, 2006:  Cylinder head install & determining pushrod length

July 2, 2006:  Piston to valve clearance

July 23, 2006:  Intake manifold and carburetor installation

August 6, 2006:  Valve cover and flywheel installation

August 13, 2006:  Power steering pump rebuild

August 20, 2006:  Alternator and pulley installation

August 25, 2006:  Distributor installation

August 26, 2006:  Starting the motor for the first time

September 24, 2006:  Trip to the engine dyno

November 12, 2006:  Engine, scatter shield, & clutch installation

December 19, 2006:  Muncie transmission rebuild and installation

December 31, 2006:  Header and shifter linkage installation

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