Big Block Engine Build Combination

The block is back from the machine shop and the parts are nearly in so it’s definitely about time to start rebuilding this monster big block 454. The big question – what will the combination be?

In the end there are lots of reasons the combination below was selected, but I admit that I relied pretty heavily on the judgement of the performance shop. Rather than spitting out a laundry list of explanations here, I’ll provide my reasons for choosing each component as it’s installed. But, since many of you are probably wondering what I finally decided on, I’ve provided my build combination below:

Engine Components & Engine Build Combination
Pistons SRP forged aluminum, 26cc domes
Connecting rods Scat forged I-beam
Camshaft Hydraulic roller
Duration @ 0.050″: 230˚ intake, 236˚ exhaust
Lobe separation: 112˚
Gross lift w/ 1.7:1 rockers; 0.595″ intake, 0.581″ exhaust
Cylinder heads Airflow research: 305cc rectangle port (as cast)
Combustion chamber: 119cc
Valves: 2.250″ intake, 1.880″ exhaust
Intake manifold Edelbrok Performer RPM (Note: This requires a Corvette big block hood and drop base air filter)
Compression ratio 10.3:1 (approx.)
Carburetor Barry Grant 850 CFM mechanical w/ annular boosters
Exhaust Headers with 2 1/8″ primaries and dual exhaust

One thing is for sure, it’s nice to have all the decisions and second guessing behind me and to get back to turning wrenches.

Interestingly, as part of the cam selection process the performance shop ran this engine combination through an engine simulation program. Although they know it’s not exact, they feel it will serve as a reasonable estimate of how much power to expect out of the engine when it’s complete. It’ll be real interesting to see how their simulation compares to the actual dyno runs I’ve got planned.

Copyright - Tim Cote 2007
Based on the simulation, and assuming a 15% drive train loss, I figure I’ll be somewhere around 480 horsepower and 485 ft-lbs torque at the rear wheels. Should be a lot of fun to drive, that’s for sure!

Stay tuned because the wrenches start turning again in the next update! If you have any questions just stop by the forum, I’m there pretty often!